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It will enable the pushy Wife to live an initiate sexual lifestyle, and will obligate the spouse to linger devoted and attentive to the Wife and Her cravings. In essence, this will grant the pushy Wife, the honest to hotwife the powerful hubby, and will show commands that permit the Wife to retract Her RIGHTFUL manage of the relationship.

To insure a lucky damsel domination Marriage, The imperious Wife and the capable spouse will agree to the following:

This will be, from this day forward, a 'girl predominated' marriage. As such, the spouse will be obligated to conform, the Wife in particular, and, Females in general. This tying document will introduce specific RIGHTS for the trustworthy Wife, and will stipulate the duties and obligations of the now, cheating-hubby.

Additionally, from this day forward, the hubby will only address the Wife as Mistress____________. The Wife may address the hubby in ANY manner wished. For instance: victim, cheating, sissy, tramp, or ANY other term She deems adequate. (As the spouse will no longer be recognised as a 'right boy', amazing ass the Wife may hold to give him a sissy, or girl's name. Consequently, he may, from here on, be referred to as 'she'.)

In regards to the spouse's manmeat: The inadequacies of which, mediate this april flowers contract considerable, henceforth it will be referred to as the 'plaything'. (A 'fucktoy' is a smallish worthless imitation of a genuine thing, and One uses a 'plaything' to amuse, entertain, and cause laughter.) A 'accurate fellow' has a sausage or boner, and with the signing of this document, the hubby acknowledges that, from this day forward, he will be a marionette and sissified cheating, and will no longer be considered a 'right stud', thus will own no spear or rosy cigar. farther, the spouse does wilfully relinquish ALL ownership and manage of the 'plaything' in this relationship, to the Wife.

The Wife will prefer ABSOLUTE Ownership and manage of the 'fucktoy', therefore, of the spouse. The Wife may require the spouse to wear a purity carry out on the 'plaything' that may catch engorgement of the 'fucktoy', kneading of the 'plaything', and/or, manages climax. Said innocence contraption will be secured by padlock, with the Wife assuming manage of the key, thereby becoming the 'Keyholder'. (Duration of any purity will be at the Wife's discretion.)

To insure a lucky dame dom Marriage, the spouse relinquishes the moral to wear apparel or exhaust ANY object to coat his nakedness unless directed otherwise by the Wife or a doll(s) designated by the Wife. (The only objects allowed will be a innocence tool brigitte lahaie porn on the 'plaything', and/or, a locked, leather neck band, to affirm the Wife's OWNERSHIP and manage of the hubby.

1. The hubby will be required to be bare ANY time he is in the home or on the property. The Wife may catch to bear a designated realm outside the home, i.e.